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Two decades of the 21st century have sped by already. India urgently needs to rise

  • from merely existing to true living

  • from polarised communities to a harmonious nation

  • from mediocrity to excellence

  • from a developing country to a superpower

  • from an also-ran to a winner

All it takes is this: the majority middle-class Indians need to transform into responsible, community-conscious, action-oriented, cooperative, patient, confident, enterprising, public-spirited and, yes, wealthy individuals.


If you are a middle-class Indian, and if you agree with our view, and are willing to do your bit toward that goal, then you have arrived at the starting point of a long, potentially life-transforming and soul-elevating journey.

If you have Faith it's still possible for us, the hundreds of millions of middle-class Indians worldwide, to coalesce into a united, well-coordinated, powerful and goal-focused force that can not only rebuild a nation but set a glorious example for the rest of the world, then... 

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