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Amid the gloom-and-doom scenarios created by dystopian regimes and digital dictatorships on the one hand and the COVID-19 pandemic's impact on economies on the other, there are still many reasons for ordinary people to remain hopeful of a better future.

Even though the rampant COVID-19 pandemic has wrought havoc since January 2020, the last two years (2020 and 2021), as well as the first quarter of 2022, have also seen ordinary people across the world defy lockdown orders to come out into the open to champion the right causes, to protest, to espouse the right cause, and to stand up and be counted. Click the links below for details, which will give you tremendous hope, encouragement and inspiration.

This should help dispel doubts among certain people who feel it's all going to be futile anyway, that nothing is ever going to change for the better, that our fate is sealed already, that there is absolutely no point in protesting, standing up for the right cause and becoming activists or "revolutionaries".


Such people are a disgrace to humanity because they prefer to take the easy way out without even trying, without even making a sincere and courageous effort. Such spineless, selfish and self-centric people embrace copout right at the outset; they throw in the towel even without facing the enemy.

To sum it up, this is what we, the non-elites (ordinary citizens), need to do: review, reflect, introspect. Overcome fear, insecurity, timidity, ignorance, selfishness, self-centredness, greed, indifference, apathy.

If we do this sincerely, we will come face to face with the afflictions that we allow to degrade ourselves from within, but pretend we are not aware of them because we indulge in self-deception (denial and delusion). Read more about these here:
Middle-Class Morons | Middle-class Maladies | The Real Villains of India and Mankind |

All we need to do now is just cast these maladies off, dump them like hot potatoes, and embrace their opposites. That's all.

Click 'em all! Each of the links below is a testament to the good spirit among ordinary people who walk the road less traveled, and resolve to struggle and fight on, champion the cause they believe in and undertake, because it is also vitally important for each one of us to know and DO THE RIGHT THING, no matter what.

SUMMARY OF STRIKES: Various strikes, rallies, protests across the world in recent times (2020-23)

US: Woman protests senseless gun violence, exposing flawed system

GERMANY: 'Mega strike' sees public transport network halt over pay

FRANCE: Anti-pension reform protests galvanize masses nationwide

UK: Rising cost of living stirs Britons into direct action

ISRAEL: Citizen protest against reforms that are feared to diminish judiciary

WORLD: Various protests in the first half of 2022 worldwide

UK: Thousands attend London rally to demand general election

US: Thousands march in US women’s rallies for abortion rights

KENYA: Protests show post-election power struggle

LEBANON: Beirut banks attacked as financial crisis deepens

MOLDOVA: People take to streets to fight for their cause

GEORGIA: People protest against foreign influence

TUNISIA: Trade union protests against the country's president

GERMANY: Berlin holds unprecedented rally against Israel's government

SOUTH AFRICA: EFF marches to demand Ramaphosa's resignation

USA: Seniors use rocking chairs to block entrances to big banks that back fossil fuels

SOUTH KOREA: Protest against "prosecution-backed dictatorship" and for labor causes

BELGIUM: Farmers protest against plans to limit nitrogen emissions; people protest against war

UK: Workers stage largest strike in history of Britain's health service

MEXICO: Huge crowds rally against electoral reform

AUSTRIA: People rally against rising prices, govt policies, sanctions, COVID curbs

NEW ZEALAND: Kiwi farmers protest world’s first ‘burp tax’ on cows (cattle / livestock)

GERMANY: Huge rally in Berlin in support of Iran's women

QATAR: Football teams, others protest abuse, exploitation of workers in FIFA World Cup venue country

US: "Poor People’s Campaign" issues national call for moral revival

JAPAN: People protest against expensive state funeral for slain leader amid tough life

RUSSIA: People protest call-up for "service" to kill or get killed

IRAN: Young people, including women, rise up against repression

US: Ranchers, their families and supporters rally in Alamogordo, Otero County Fairgrounds, New Mexico state

BRAZIL: People march in defence of democracy

SIERRA LEONE, AFRICA: Protests turn deadly over rising cost of living

ECUADOR, SOUTH AMERICA: Roiled by protests set off by rising fuel and food prices

AFGHANISTAN: Women protesters chant demands for "bread, work and freedom"

US: Thousands rally against gun violence in Washington, elsewhere

TUNISIA: Citizens protest against draft constitution

INDIA: Blood bath and agnipath (firestorm) over Agnipath, the new defence forces hiring policy proposal

ENGLAND, U.K.:  Warning about climate change delivered to music lovers at Glastonbury Festival

US, Rest of the World: People react, protest / support US abortion law

US: Southwest Airlines pilots protest lower pay, more work, extreme stress

GREECE: Farmers, workers protest rising prices, bad policies, terrible economic management

SRI LANKA: Citizens erupt in righteous rage as economic crisis lands them on a cliff edge

UNITED KINGDOM: Sacked P&O Ferries staff protest against Dover MP Natalie Elphicke

CANADA: Indigenous people fearlessly expose racism among local police force in Canada

ENGLAND: Black "Child Q" to sue UK's Met police | Women protest to condemn abuse, demand radical change

CANADA & U.S.: Truck protest shows truth can travel faster than light and emerge to the fore despite efforts to bury itRead quotes (people's views) in these two BBC reports: Canada court order | Canada PM under pressure |Threatens to freeze protesters' bank accounts | Emergency imposed | Not just truckers: Protesters fight for many good causes | Brute force of police raid used on bridge protest |  US to use National Guard against Freedom Convoy |
: Shameful tactics adopted in NZ to quell protests
& BELGIUM: Tear gas used on protesters in Paris

AUSTRIA (EUROPE): Mass protest in Vienna against measures

U.S. (WASHINGTON, DC): Antiabortion activists brave cold, pandemic

SOUTH SUDAN: Thousands protest against military rule

MYANMAR: Atrocities against innocent but courageous people

HUNGARY: Rallies against illegal surveillance

AUSTRALIA: People rally against compulsory vaccinations

BRAZIL: Citizens take cudgels against pandemic mismanagement

INDIA: Farmers' relentless struggle ends in fantastic win

INDIA: New citizenship act stirs a hornet's nest

SCOTLAND: Greta Thunberg leads green protests in Glasgow

MYANMAR: Doctors, nurses defy military regime

KAZAKHSTAN: Citizens erupt into protests against fuel price hike




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