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  Jan 2022:

  • INDIA is in turmoil. Old-fashioned strikes, bandhsrallies, morchas, dharnas, satyagrahas, protests, marches ... These are all good, but they will likely prove futile in this age. Online outrage, passivity or timidity in the name of non-violence, and individual indifference and inaction, will be ineffective as well. 

  • Only the majority Middle-class Indian People (MIP) can help build New India and transform the society --  by playing a completely different, bigger, hands-on role from now on.

  • Else, anarchy, State's breakdown and doom will be our collective destiny sooner than later. So, join us. Let our videos enlighten you.

Agree? Click/tap on " > " (or simply swipe screen right to left, or use buttons below), if you would like to become a public-spirited, community-conscious, responsible, powerful, and wealthy citizen willing to start contributing immediately, directly, proactively to the urgent, long-term task of building New India. >>>

Disagree? Click/tap here to return to your comfort zone (because you, as a Middle-class Indian Citizen or MIC, don't really care about India's present and future, trapped as you are in your little 'family-job-career-assets-recreation' story that is tainted by selfishness, self-centredness, greed, fear, risk-aversion, ignorance, laziness, apathy, mindlessly busy-busy hectic lifestyle or rat race, and unreasonable ego).

Pause. Breathe. Think! Refresh mind! Reboot intellect!!


As the non-elitist, middle-class Indians who number hundreds of million across the world, we must stop celebrating mediocrity. Let's pursue greatness. At least, we'll achieve excellence, without which INDIA, and your kids, won’t succeed in a competitive, globalized world.


This four-slide slideshow will show you how Messed-up India can still be transformed into New India, if you act decisively, strategically, and join us to become agents of positive change. Use ">" and "<" arrows to navigate through the slideshow. Or simply swipe the screen to left / right.


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