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What is the importance of NRI-Natter?

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What are the benefits of joining NRI-Natter?


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What differentiates NRI-Natter?


NRI-Natter is intended to evolve into a global network of NRI professionals, executives, traders, businesspeople and entrepreneurs. Call us the working class or the middle class.


To reiterate, we are decidedly non-elitist – that is, there are no celebrities, “prominent” figures, icons, influencers and such types here.


We are service-minded, educated, conscientious. You could even say we are activist-minded, in the sense that we have fire in the belly – to contribute something meaningful, creative and substantial toward solving long-standing problems rather than just being armchair critics.


We have views, insights, ideas. And we are not afraid of articulating or discussing them to test their feasibility.


We think we understand some, if not all, of the world’s long-standing, unresolved, persistent problems. We see what’s coming our way next in this age of globalization, digitalization, automation, artificial intelligence and big data.


We are aware of the urban-rural disconnect. We are aware of the agriculture-industrialization dichotomy. We foresee implications for societies, families and individuals.


We believe there is a big role for brainy, spirited, civilization-enriched NRIs to play in saving and changing the world. That’s right – we do believe NRIs can help bring about a positive change to make the world a better place.


We believe working-class / middle-class NRIs can do much more than just hold a job that pays more, live a good life abroad, be passive armchair critics of this and that, or be condescending toward resident Indians.


We wish to bring Mammon-resistant, spiritual-minded NRIs together so they could first brainstorm. And, depending on what such discussions produce, we shall explore how we, being based worldwide, could cooperate and collaborate for focused collective efforts, so as to unleash synergies that can lead to self-actualization and mutual benefit, as well as benefit to the society/community, the world and the planet itself.


Is NRI-Natter free or a paid-for platform?

NRI-Natter is absolutely free, totally flexible, completely innovative, as long as you can afford your own devices, accessories and online connectivity.

Click here to download the evolving set of FAQs.


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