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Haven’t we had enough of stories and storytellers? Isn’t it time to give truth and truth-tellers a chance?

Check out our EVENTS! Something that creative, community-conscious middle-class Indians woundn't want to miss for their life!!

"Utopia" is often misportrayed or ridiculed as an unrealistic, impossible dream or imagination of idealistic, impractical visionaries. But the so-called utopia is actually the simple, normal state of equilibrium, grace, contentment and fulfilment. Not pursuing, achieving and sustaining "utopia" results in abnormal "dystopia", a society- and planet-destroying state of existence whose spread has been accelerating at an alarmingly rapid rate across the world. Let's work toward co-creating NORMAL "utopia" to escape from ABNORMAL "dystopia". How? Check out our CALL TO ACTION. Here's the BLUEPRINT.


There's a 'revolutionary' yet simple, doable, peaceful, fulfilling, rewarding and lasting way to transform troubled India (and possibly the rest of the world). 


We the middle class constitute the majority non-elites. We need to play a fundamentally different role in society both as individuals and community-members.

How to do that? We at NRI-Natter have developed a well-thought-out plan. The pie-charts above give you a glimpse of our vision for BIG change, which requires BIG effort that alone can transform India and the rest of the world. Join us to make the vision our reality. Rest assured, it'll be simple, doable, peaceful, fulfilling, rewarding and lasting. Now, enter NRI-Natter to know more. >

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