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(All information will be kept strictly confidential, and won't be shared with any third parties, and shall be used only for the purpose of intimating you about events and developments, and other related correspondence.)

It's just that we Indians never invented creative, innovative ways of transmuting the tremendous energy in our casual conversations, arguments, criticisms, chats, Natter, chatter, discussions, debates ... into constructive ideas.

We never realized it is possible to harness and channel all that energy to power productive projects that could potentially transform our society and build a new nation fit for the 21st century.

That is where NRI-Natter endeavors to change the 'game' -- once and for all.

Nattering may seem like aimless, unproductive or purposeless activity. But it need not be hollow, empty talk. It could be the starting point of creative transformation instead -- long-term, lasting, permanent, irreversible.

One close look at the flow-chat alongside/below will show you the tremendous possibilities hidden in Natter. That's where NRI-Natter will score. 


Never underestimate the power of seemingly simple ideas. Never be dismissive of seemingly idealistic, impractical or utopian ideas. As a middle-class Indian, if you are open-minded and willing to surprise yourself with the discovery of incredible power in your own arguments, criticisms, ideas, suggestions, knowledge, insights, experiences, alternative perspectives ... then, NRI-Natter is THE destination for you.

You are a professional, employee, worker, executive, trader, home-maker, businessperson, entrepreneur, university student, scholar, researcher, teenaged collegian ... You need a platform to bounce your ideas off like-minded compatriots, including NRIs. You wish to network with non-elitist fellow Indians globally. You wish to express yourself freely or articulate your stance on the big issues. 


You are itching to cooperate and collaborate with fellow middle-class Indians, the majority, to convert ideas into projects that can elevate an entire society and uplift a massive nation.


You are pragmatic enough to cast aside ego, herd mentality and inertia. As well, you are shrewd enough to side-step the apathetic political class, the bungling bureaucrats and the corrupt corporates. You are open-minded about trying out alternative solutions to vexing age-old problems.


Best of all, you are brave and fearless to overcome shyness, low self-confidence, low self-esteem, in order to interact with fellow Indians in a 'live' environment. You are not afraid of web-cam. You are not unduly bothered about your perceived ordinary communication ability or poor English skills (NRI-Natter, by the way, tends to be multilingual). And, you don't want to be a lifelong armchair critic or a faceless, inconsequential social media troller hiding forever behind a persona or a mask.

You understand the mission of NRI-Natter. And hence, you want to get involved.

Welcome! Come, join NRI-Natter.

Click/tap here to know the profile of a typical NRI-Natter member.

If you are ready, complete the registration form below:

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