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NRI-Natter deliberately keeps a low-profile.

We believe that as a non-elite, middle-class, right-thinking, civic-conscious, conscientious, patriotic and powerful citizen, if you first read, digest and internalize the website content and its import, and then share the website link with like-minded others, you will have contributed your bit to potentially transforming INDIA for the better first, and the WORLD next.

We also believe orchestrating artificial, rigged viral online phenomena is NOT the right way forward, if you are really serious about ushering in BIG CHANGE that would also prove lasting.

We believe BIG CHANGE does NOT require millions or billions of supporters and participants to start with.

Just a handful of people with unwavering conviction and commitment to purpose is all it takes to light a spark and start a wildfire of intellectual 'revolution' that can burn down a rotten system to ashes and replace it with real, lasting, positive BIG CHANGE.


The grand idea is this: a thousand-mile journey begins with but the first step.

And a global positive transformation for the better can begin by acquiring "critical mass" drop by drop, through a shared forward after forward by one person after another.

So, do your kind deed of the day: read and digest this website's content, and share its link with others, if you can. Energize the 'revolution' with your forward.

As country-wise fresh COVID-19 cases and fatalities appear to decline globally and phrases like "full recovery" and "back to normal" capture our collective imagination and stoke our collective hopes, spare a thought for the horrors of the last two years (2019-20 to 2020-21) and ask yourself: WHAT IF THIS IS JUST A TRIAL, JUST A TRAILER, JUST THE BEGINNING, JUST THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG?

We all have had enough of "stories" and storytellers generation after generation, century after century. Now is the time to give Truth and truth-tellers a chance. For, it's NOW OR NEVER. We have reached a tipping point, and every citizen needs to resolve to weigh in with her or his stance chosen consciously and conscientiously. Every citizen needs to stand up, take a stand, and be counted.

Enough of rhetoric-spewing conmen (and conwomen) in the garb of politicians, economists, policymakers. Enough of sci-tech BS. Enough of pseudo-spiritualists who induce passive acceptance of evil, perpetuate status quo and nip righteous resistance in the bud.

And enough of hotheads, too, who run amuck with ill-planned, ill-conceived conventional violent revolutions and destroy that which has been created painstakingly by all of us with massive effort over a long period of time; such 'revolutionaries' fail to offer a practical long-term alternative that can fill the vacuum or void their arson-like revolution will create. Enough of all that.

The time for real and lasting BIG CHANGE has come. Let's embrace BIG CHANGE. Let's proactively become change-makers. Let's grab the pregnant moment with both hands. Let's deliver BIG CHANGE.

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