An earnest, ardent appeal to Middle-Class Indian People (MIP)

March 2021: Dear MIP: You are the majority in Indian society. But that's only for namesake. In effect, you have been reduced to an inconsequential lot by the "system" over the last seven decades.

If you feel strongly that India's current situation is going from bad to worse, and needs quick, drastic, comprehensive turnaround, such total change wouldn't come about until and unless you, the MIP, start making direct contributions toward that end.

Change won't happen overnight. It's like a marathon, and calls for sustained, consistent effort, patience, persistence, perseverance and Faith. It calls for "Citizenship 2.0".

So, as a first step, display patience here and now, and make a genuine effort to understand this initiative (NRI-Natter). Read the content slowly, deliberately, attentively. Cast aside the mind's induced tendencies toward short attention span, short memory, busy-busy hecticness and clutter. For, this initiative is as much about your own and your family's future as it is about driving India to glory.

You can't expect the system to change itself for the better. You can't expect the people who run the system to improve themselves and bring about positive change because it's not in their interest. There's no incentive for them to change themselves or change the system they control -- the last 70+ years are ample proof.


The current worsening trend is adequate evidence. You can't expect things to improve by restricting your contributions as a citizen to just payment of taxes and compliance with various laws, rules and regulations either, while your inner focus remains on personal or selfish goals (which some self-righteous MIP wrongly call "minding my own business", as if it were a virtue, even amid societal meltdown).


You want to want change strongly, and you want to be a change-maker yourself. Else, not only  will change prove elusive forever but things will deteriorate, making both life and mind miserable not only for you at a personal level but for the society at large. >> 


NRI-Natter is an initiative to marry MIP's penchant for discussions, debates and arguments with creative energy to develop actionable plans for a comprehensive or all-in-one solution -- panacea, if you will.


We want all MIP to join the conversation here. And, rather than just emitting hot air and hollow, empty words in the form of facile criticisms, suggestions, futile arguments, we want you to take the conversation to the next higher level.


Let's convert the ideas in suggestions, advice and criticisms into reality -- slowly, gradually, one step at a time, one community at a time. Eventually, we can scale it up to comprehensive, country-wide change.


So, here's what we expect you to do: join the Natter. Then Natter -- discuss, debate, criticise, bring ideas to the conversation, connect with public-spirited MIP like yourself, stay connected.

Introduce more activist-minded MIP with entrepreneurial instincts (and fire in the belly) to NRI-Natter. Help the community to grow. 

See how magic will unfold when each and every Middle-Class Indian Citizen (MIC) makes community integral to his/her life rather than assuming that society is the sole responsibility of the public and private sectors and NGOs while ordinary people can "mind their own" (personal, selfish) "business".


<< See spectacular change unfold in your own lifetime as MIP unite as one strong community and, by pooling their various resources together, start playing a fundamentally different, qualitatively significant and bigger role in society.

There is no other safe and secure way to comprehensive, country-wide change.

EITHER things will deteriorate and become intolerable within our own lifetime if the current trend continues OR there will likely be anarchy, violent revolution and total disruption to normal life pattern if things deteriorate further.

Act now. Be a change-maker. Join the Natter.

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1) It's laughable that Middle-Class Indian People (MIP) still feel their role in society is just to do some job, build a career/business, amass as much wealth as possible, pay taxes, comply with laws and rules, and enjoy the "good life", which they feel entitled to, and assume the system (meaning the governments, institutions, political parties, politicians and bureaucrats) owes it to them. In the 21st century, when the huge population is putting tremendous pressure on natural resources and threatening to imperil the ecosystem, environment and the planet itself, and where the humongous scale of the system is leading to corruption, insane and ineffective processes, inequalities, and lack of accountability, MIP need to play a completely different role in society. Else, we are all doomed, and that doom, in the form of societal meltdown or worse, will visit us sooner than later.

2) It's strange that MIP feel the 'Big Picture' responsibility is not theirs but that of the system, the Establishment. MIP feel their only job is to run the rat race. Little do they realize that even for them to run the rat race, they need a track; they also need someone to organize both the racing track and the race. And how on earth could the well-being of the track not be MIP's concern? If the ecosystem (track) itself is collapsing slowly but surely, how could MIP believe they can continue to focus solely on securing and enjoying "the good life"? As if the planet owes good life to MIP! As if the system owes it to them. As if they are indispensable to the system, the society and the planet. If the MIP are not invested in the well-being of the 'Big Picture', why should the 'Big Picture' be bothered about them?