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benefits for members

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NRI-Natter is a fun place to hang out – natter, brainstorm, then talk, then walk the talk

NRI-Natter is an innovative platform for global Indians from different backgrounds and spanning several generations to connect, cooperate and collaborate

NRI-Natter promotes sharing of knowledge, experiences, insights

NRI-Natter encourages out-of-the-box thinking, to help members cultivate the ability to first articulate or verbalize inner thoughts, and then explore energizing those thoughts to take concrete action

NRI-Natter stokes thought, sharpens intellect, pushes members toward a truly educated, well-informed, responsible, conscious and enlightened life

NRI-Natter will strive to germinate the seed of self-realization and actualization of members’ full potential

NRI-Natter will seek to help members to realize the importance of soft skills in a globalized world.


Click/tap here to download a list ofsoft skills and life-skills that can be potentially honed by regular, committed, well-prepared participation in NRI-Natter sessions and future activities.

Please join us. Get involved. Let’s back each other. Let’s support and strengthen ourselves.

FAQs about NRI-Natter | FAQs about members | FAQs about technicals & miscellany |FAQs about 'Dos & Don'ts' |FAQs about importance of NRI-Natter and potential benefits for members | Download FAQs |

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