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Okay, here's the world's worst-kept but most ignored secret. Revealed!

Exposed, to dispel ignorance, apathy, laziness and heedlessness from the vast majority of the humanity, who are not even aware even in 2022 that their days are now numbered, unless they wake up, intervene and do something about it.

The world's elites -- the creme de le creme: the multibillionaires, the knowledgeable, the powerful, the influential, the famous and the celebrated -- have united, rising above religion, nationality, race, civilization, gender, profession, ideology, geography, age-group, etc.

The minority elites have united nicely, quietly, secretly, by dividing, degrading, devaluing, dehumanizing and disempowering the others (the majority non-elites: the middle-income group, the salaried class, the lower-income group, the poor and those below the poverty line).

The world's elites have successfully zombified the non-elites globally by exploiting and perpetuating the latter group's ignorance, arrogance, false ego (wrong identifications with this or that label or self-image), laziness, apathy, selfishness, self-centredness, mediocrity, greed, lust and the rest of such attributes in that spectrum.


The majority non-elites constitute nearly 95-98% of the world's population. The minority elites constitute just 2-5% of the total population. Yet, the knowledge gap, the wealth gap, the health gap, the opportunity gap and the power gap that separate the two groups are unimaginably wide, and have been growing wider unceasingly, exponentially, over the last several centuries (not just decades).

Finance (capital), knowledge (science and technology), and power (political, administrative and religious authority figures and institutions) are the tools or means that the united global elites use to divide and rule the non-elites worldwide.

Yet, the biggest enemies of the majority are NOT the elites!

The biggest enemies are NOT natural disasters, bad luck, economic cycles, weather and climate, diseases, wildlife, famines, droughts, or political upheavals.

The biggest enemies are NOT the clinical villains like psychos, sadists, adulterers, philanderers, rapists, killers, mercenaries and other assorted criminals, lunatics and zealots.

The biggest enemies of the majority non-elites (ordinary people) are just a section of people among themselves -- the pseudo-elites, the aspiring elites, full of greed, lust, appalling apathy, desires of the material realm, laziness, mediocrity, selfishness, self-centredness, small-mindedness, insular mindset and hence prone to all kinds of corruption.

It is the UNETHICAL, UNSCRUPULOUS, SHAMELESS and CONSCIENCE-LESS section among the ordinary people who side with the elites, and act like secret agents of the elites, who are the BIGGEST ENEMIES of mankind now.

So also are those appalingly apathetic, selfish, ignorant, lazy, small-minded, mediocre and greedy lot among the non-elites who do not proactively support peers who are intent on resisting, challenging and overcoming the evil elites. It is the "wrong ones", the status-quoists, the passive onlookers among the non-elites who help perpetuate evil. THEY ARE THE BIGGEST ENEMIES.

Then, how to defeat the biggest enemies? The short and simple answer is: YOU DON'T.

Instead, you give them all an opportunity to transform themselves and become positive forces for change for the better, by lovingly encouraging them to review, reflect and introspect.

You can't defeat the elites either. They are too powerful in every sense of the word. But through unity, cooperation and coordinated and collaborative action, we, the ordinary people, can certainly disempower the elites, by depriving them of that which empowers them in the first place.

When we join forces by overcoming the factors that make us ignorant, divided, disunited, selfish, self-centric, lazy, egotistical, intolerant, arrogant, apathetic, greedy, insecure or mediocre, the biggest enemies will have no other option but to join us.

We at NRI-Natter have figured it all out, and have a long-term vision as well as a well-thought-out strategy (action plan). All of us can truly change the ancient "game" once and for all this time.

Yes, we can be the biggest game-changers in history, if we develop a grain of faith, conviction and confidence. The comprehensive content of NRI-Natter is designed to help you to develop that all-important faith.

And if we don't do the right thing now, we, the non-elites, will all be eliminated sooner than we would imagine -- pushed toward extinction by our biggest enemies. This is not some dramatic scare-mongering or inducement of apocalyptic fear.

Deep within, you know, -- don't you? -- that we are all now facing a "do or die" dilemma.

The writing on the wall for all of us is this: proactively perform or perish. Given the experience of the 2020-22 pandemic, the rising threat of dystopian digital dictatorships and the environmental meltdown, let's "just do it" without any second thoughts anymore, shall we?

To sum it up, this is what we, the non-elites (ordinary citizens), need to do: review, reflect, introspect.

If we do this sincerely, we will come face to face with the afflictions that we allow to degrade ourselves from within, but pretend we are not aware of them because we indulge in self-deception (denial and delusion). Read more about these here: |
Middle-Class Morons | Middle-class Maladies |

All we need to do now is just cast these maladies off, dump them like hot potatoes, and embrace their opposites. That's all.


If you wish to proactively resist evil and work toward ensuring a safe and secure future for yourself and your children/grandchildren and coming generations, come JOIN US.

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