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1. The COVID pandemic continues to expose INDIA!

And Indians remain at a crossroads!!

How all of us can transform INDIA

The moral story of the lamb and the butcher

Do or die? Or, die rather than do something?

Mitron: Wake up! It's time to do something. Enough of indifference, laziness, ignorance, greed, cowardice. Let's transform India

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2022: The majority middle class, and not the politicians, governments, bureaucrats and big businesses, will determine whether or not the nation can claw its way back from the cliff edge. And that long-awaited middle-class citizenry's renaissance starts right here on NRI-Natter.  Join us!

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In 2020, India should focus on converting COVID into an opportunity for new awakening

Click here to unlock some life-transforming, nation-building secrets

If you are in a geography where access to YouTube is restricted, you may have to use VPN to watch the inspirational video below

2022-23: Click here for the full script of this inspirational, thought-provoking short video, which is a fervent appeal to India's majority non-elites (middle- and lower-income people) to take back control, reshape our great nation's future and rewrite its destiny. Because if we, each one of us, don't do it NOW urgently, we may be pushed over the cliff edge. Find out more.

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