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In a nutshell

The perilous idea of capitalism-led free market economic system of the last two centuries need not be our destiny.

What’s urgently required is a saner alternative, a sustainable spiritual enterprise by a closely-knit global community, co-led by Indians armed with civilizational knowledge and Oriental wisdom of the yore, combined with judicious use of modern science and technologies, applied in democratically determined ways that promote evolution of the human race in the right direction and at the right pace, without any collateral damage to environment, ecology and biodiversity.


Capitalists should be immediately disempowered from determining arbitrarily the direction and pace of evolution of science and technologies purely for profits or just for kicks, for the sake of sci-tech, without sparing a thought for people's real needs and cost to communities, societies, the planet (biosphere/ecosystem).


Ordinary people across the world deserve an unmediated opportunity to focus on NEEDS, not mindless WANTS or extravagant PURSUITS.

We believe, given proper guidance and opportunities, people can create a New World by themselves. They deserve the power and responsibility to nurture the ecosystem. They need NOT entrust such power and responsibility to sociopathic elites nor outsource them to psychopathic Establishments.

Instead, talent-actualizing, public-spirited individuals can cooperate and collaborater to harness altruism and cooperation in humanity’s DNA, so as to fulfil long-pending and often ignored or sidelined basic needs (like education, healthcare, sanitation, nutrition, mobility solutions, even infrastructure), without endangering the planet.

The proposed spiritual enterprise -- a startup of startups -- will pre-empt a potential cliff-edge scenario, thereby sublimating people into righteousness.

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