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Enough of fooling around for 70+ years now. Enough of 'outsourcing' by MANY citizens of 'BIG' responsibilities (like governance) to a FEW wily neta-log, jokers, goons, thugs, criminals. Enough of rat race. If we Indians really care for India, and our collective future, we urgently need to switch to the marathon of real nation-building by ourselves. Wake up to the reality of the 21st-century globalized world! Time's running out!!

Where ordinary citizens envision a New India

Just half-hour (fraction of what you might spend on cricket, TV, news channels, social media, or movies) here could potentially transform your life -- and India's future. So, please donate a bit of your time and attention. We believe we all can build a New India together. Have Faith!

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Welcome, dear Middle-class Indian Citizen (MIC). This website/mobile app endeavors to encourage Middle-class Indian People (MIP) to embrace a radically different and productive approach to 'Citizenship 2.0'. The BIG idea is to harmonize the twin goals of becoming wealthy, enlightened, responsible, patriotic and spiritual without any inner conflict of conscience AND building a New India.

It took nearly a month after assembly election results for Maharashtra to get a hastily, secretly formed government on Nov 23rd, in a move that was described as a "surgical strike on democracy" in the “world’s largest democracy”. On Nov 26-27, another unholy coalition made a travesty of people's mandate. It’d be entirely understandable if the majority Middle-class Indian People (MIP), especially voters in Maharashtra (and before that, voters in Karnataka, Goa, Manipur...) now feel cheated, marginalized, befooled, and betrayed. It's high time that ordinary citizens wake up and build a New India.

Dear MIC: Do you have the courage to understand the SECRET behind India’s troubles? Want to know a few mind-blowing SECRETS that will open the doors to a completely new way of thinking, and create a game-changing, powerful role for yourself as an evolved, enlightened, community-conscious Indian citizen?
Do you want the SECRET key to unlock a bright future for yourself, 


Please remember these abbreviations:
MIP = Middle-class Indian People
MIC = Middle-class Indian Citizen

your family, and help create a safe, secure, stable community and a larger society that is genuinely democratic, harmonious, peaceful, prosperous, healthy, eco-friendly? Want to know the SECRET of making India great again, and possibly a superpower, a world leader? Whoa! That’s a lot, we know. Rest assured, in the next 12 slides, we shall reveal 12 SECRETS that will enlighten, empower and enrich the citizen in you. On the 13th (final) slide, you'll find the link to enter the main site. 

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