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NEW! : What do IPL 2024 auctions and recent state election results tell us about India’s future? Can "ordinary citizens" rebuild India (Bharat) now on their own? Yes! To find out how, register now to participate in our Sunday online discussions on Zoom.
Problem: Digital dictatorships and real-world dystopia are here| Know the enemy to 'see' the future today! | Cause for hope |
Symptoms: We (ordinary people) are being made redundant, irrelevant, insignificant, inconsequential, powerless and mindless. Examples: | "Nowhere generation" lands in massive job crisis | Virus variants galore | Eight-minute BBC News video mirrrors India's reality as in Feb 2022 | March 2022: India's crumbling health | May 2022: India's 'big' FAT problem | June 2022: Agnipath |
Primary enemies: i) Our own ignorance, ii) short attention spans, iii) endless "rat race" on materialistic treadmill and iv) addiction to status quo (parasite-like dependence on, or preference for, the comfort zone of the known and the familiar, which creates an unrecognized, self-defeating inner resistance to change, personal growth, progress and evolution).

Secondary enemies: Appalling apathy, selfishness, greed, insecurity, laziness, timidity, self-centric lifestyle, narrowmindedness or smallmindedness (that is, indifference to proven principles like interconnectedness and inter-dependence), and ego (false self-image or false identity; identification with fictional notions and labels).
Solution: Knowledge, consciousness (not just wakefulness), unity, cooperation, coordinated and collaborative action -- to take back control, to change the old "game" once and for all, to secure future, and to find meaning and purpose. Is UNITY important? That's what NRI-Natter  champions relentlessly. Check the pie-charts below for a quick overview of our vision. After you do that, please JOIN US! Let's empower and strengthen ourselves. We truly can change the world for the better this time, if only we believe we can. Last chance. Let's not miss it. Let's make the most of it. Read more.



First, click / tap here to quickly realize why we need to wake up urgently. As an ordinary citizen of INDIA and a member of the majority non-elite middle-class, do you continue to dream of, or crave, a better India (and a secure world)? Dear Middle-Class Indian, read this very, very carefully: YOU still have the power to co-create a better India. But first, get real. None of the following groups -- politicians, bureaucrats, economists, policymakers, celebrities, businesspeople, money-minded entrepreneurs, sci-tech 'wizards', religious zealots, communal fundamentalists, pseudo-spiritualists, corrupt institutions, fake activists, violence-prone 'revolutionaries' -- will help create a better India and a safer world for YOU. Wake up and realize this truth: All the groups listed above are NOT 'in the game' to strengthen and empower YOU. Most of them are corrupt, selfish, incapable, incompetent, ineffective, inefficient or indifferent. Globalization and the globalized world have produced deadly pandemics, economic crises, economic inequalities, social malaises, wars, market mania, tax scandals, authoritarian regimes, misuse and abuse of science and technology, crass consumerism and fundamentalism -- all of these clearly prove YOU are not in good hands. YOU never were in good hands, to be frank. What this means is this: YOU need to urgently embrace the game-changing, life-transforming task of co-creating a better India, and a better world, by cooperating and collaborating with people like yourself; YOU must proactively coordinate BIG change. NOW is the time to do that. Take the first step. Let's all take back control. Let's all 'just do it'. How? Watch the short video below, to get started. Read the website content. Share / forwardTake part in our events. Join THE Movement.

First, click here to read our preamble (for a quick overview of our philosophy, conviction, vision and mission).

Or, click here to enter the website straightaway, without reading the preamble.

Summary of our preamble:

The preamble explains why NRI-
Natter  deliberately keeps a low-profile even as country-wise fresh COVID-19 cases and fatalities appear to decline globally -- and phrases like "full recovery" and "back to normal" capture our collective imagination and stoke our collective hopes.

We believe that as a middle-class, conscientious, patriotic and powerful citizen, if you first read, digest and internalize the website content and its import, and then share the website link with like-minded others, you will have contributed your bit to potentially transforming INDIA for the better first, and the WORLD next.


We also believe orchestrating artificial, rigged viral online phenomena is NOT the right way forward, if you are really serious about ushering in BIG CHANGE that would also prove lasting.


We believe BIG CHANGE does NOT require millions or billions of supporters and participants to start with.


Just a handful of people with unwavering conviction and commitment to purpose is all it takes to light a spark and start a wildfire of intellectual 'revolution' that can burn down a rotten system to ashes and replace it with real, lasting, positive BIG CHANGE.


So: click here first to read the preamble in full.


Or: click here to enter the website straightaway, without reading the preamble in full.


Also: Visit our SITE-MAP to make full use of our wide range of resources, which could potentially transform your life, your relationships, community, society, nation, the world and the planet itself, provided you consciously choose to believe in the power of that potential. Lasting, positive BIG CHANGE can begin with your simple forward/share, and with your conscious choice to join us, by way of registering for our events first.

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