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Need your help! Please recommend a pal who could help us to
really change not just India but the world for the better


Dear Friend,


Need a very simple help. Please recommend some spirited Indians (NRIs or RIs) you may know of who could strengthen us. We are a group of aspiring game-changers preparing to launch an innovative startup.


We believe ordinary people should overcome the natural tendency to be selfish
and self-centric; they should stop using community, society and the planet

as a means to their personal goals, while 'outsourcing' or delegating the

responsibility of the community, society and the ecosystem to failed or

inadequate institutions headed by crooks, evil-minded individuals, criminals,

corrupt persons, thugs, flawed geniuses (politicians, bureaucrats, policymakers,

so-called domain experts, scientists, technocrats, capitalists, religious heads,

pseudo-spiritualists, fake activists and motivated 'revolutionaries').

We intend to shake up and revamp some malfunctioning parts of the existing socio-economic order not just in India but worldwide (where we expect Indans to play an increasingly critical role). It will be a unique social enterprise. We hope you’ll be able to help.

We believe our startup will define “spiritual capitalism”. We also believe this alone would help turn the world away from its current self-destructive path; it will also convert all the problems and ills out there into opportunities to develop meaningful, profitable, soul-uplifting solutions.


The startup will also help the majority working class – professionals or the middle-income group who are consumers, taxpayers, tech-users, voters, employees, citizens, retail investors, depositors – to re-negotiate and recast their ever-diminishing role in the larger society.

The cooperative enterprise will encourage and inspire its promoters (co-founders) to think and do BIG things (this aspect makes our startup unique and unprecedented), realize their unfulfilled dreams, potentially become $-€-£-Rs billionaires, and show the world how to make good use of BIG fortunes.


That’s not all. Our conviction is that the journey (or pilgrimage, if you will, of founding the startup) itself will help individuals at a personal level to review their life’s current direction, reinvent themselves, and finally reconnect with their solid core, the proverbial “pot of (inner) gold”.


We are on the lookout for the right candidates to expand our core team of co-founders. The right candidate will have (or be willing to cultivate) the traits, attributes and qualities tabled below. Full disclosure: we believe we are imperfect ourselves, and are hence willing to perform the pilgrimage, no matter what, and would wholeheartedly welcome fellow explorers to join us on the adventurous expedition.

We believe the startup’s success could potentially make the founders $-€-£-Rs billionaires, no kidding. The co-founders are NOT expected to invest money, bring capital or take undue risks that could upset their current priorities. Initially, what will matter most are positive vibe, optimistic approach, sincere commitment, ideas, time, and energy.


We would prefer candidates for whom doing the right thing matters more than making billions. We would welcome mature adults who can swear to give their all to the project to make it a success, go on to become $-€-£-Rs billionaires, inspire their peers to follow suit, and continue to plough back all that wealth into the world to make it a better place.

Age, gender, caste, community, socio-economic status, physical attributes, sexual orientation, identity ... such considerations do not matter at all. If you know any such person – please connect us. Let that be your kind deed of the day. Better still, consider joining us yourself. This venture is about (y)our future.

Email us at

* * *

Your FAQs

1) What exactly is the project/product about?

Well, good question. We will be more than happy to elaborate via a comprehensive presentation, if you or the person you recommend wish to know more. The presentation will help you to understand the rationale behind the project, and its objectives; the implementation strategies; the timeframes for short-, medium- and long-term goals. Please realize this is in essence a business idea. So, we hope you will understand we cannot reveal our intellectual property or IP right now.

At this stage, we are happy to reiterate that it’s going to be an innovative global-scale or BIG-ticket startup – a unique cooperative social enterprise that will define “spiritual capitalism”. It will convert all the problems and ills out there into opportunities to develop meaningful, profitable, soul-uplifting solutions (through well-thought-out, society-oriented, sustainable businesses), thus helping make the world a better place.

2) If I join as a co-founder/co-pilgrim, what’s it I have to do?

We will expect you to do the following: commit yourself to actualizing your full potential; think and do BIG things by cooperating, collaborating, sharing and contributing (your resources like time, energy, ideas, skills, expertise, etc); realize your unfulfilled dreams by receiving help, and help others like you to realize their dreams in turn; play a bigger role as a citizen in society and as a community member; endeavor to become a billionaire by harnessing the traits and abilities tabled below, and then see how your contributions and wealth not only inspire your peers to follow suit but make the world a better place.

3) Am I the giver or the taker?

Our business idea, or intellectual property (IP), has tremendous potential; we are developing it to take it from the drawing board toward launch.

We will expand in two ways: 1) firstly, by expanding the current team of co-founders before launch; 2) secondly, by expanding our membership of co-owners/shareholders on a mass scale after launch.

We believe both co-founders (who we are looking for as of December 2019) and general members stand the chance of doing BIG things and gaining in a commensurate way.
Only, co-founders will have a bigger chance to reap greater rewards for the simple reason that they had shown faith, taken the plunge at the right time and brought real value to the project right from the beginning.

We think there are two main ways of looking at this appeal. 1) Merely because you think that we are seeking your help, you assume you are the giver and we are the recipients. 2) You are smart enough to realize that this appeal actually hides a terrific, potentially life-altering opportunity that you do not want to dismiss prematurely.

Please realize we are not offering you a billion dollars on a platter just like that. Rather, this project is an opportunity for you to do BIG things, and, in the process, stand a chance to make BIG money for the RIGHT cause. (For perspective: calculate the net savings you may have after a jobs-based professional career spanning 35-40 years. Would it be more than a billion dollars? Or, $10 million/Rs 70 crore? Or, at least $1 million/around Rs 7 crore?)

So, if a 35-year career is an opportunity to make no more than Rs 10 crore in net savings at its end for a middle-income professional (excluding inflows, assets invested in or created, and returns on investments / appreciation of value of assets during the career), and if there's another potential opportunity to make much, much more in half the time or perhaps less, and that too for a spiritual purpose that would help unlock all your potential and help make the world a better place, shouldn't you sit up and take notice in the least? Wouldn't you want to urgently reassess your so-called priorities (or whatever activities and focus areas that are filling your time and current life pattern)?

Well, what you may therefore want to ask yourself is whether you are capable of, and ready to, bring(ing) the necessary value to the project that could potentially make you a $-€-£-Rs billionaire.

4) What is it that you guys are looking for?

As of Dec 2019, we are on the lookout for the right candidates who have the time, energy, aptitude, talent and the inclination to strengthen a project like ours. If our project idea strikes a chord in you or finds resonance, then we could work together as co-founders to drive the nascent project toward takeoff.

The two tables below characterize the “right candidate”. Here and now, we would like to emphasize that the way you perceive this appeal, glean insights – there are quite a few of them – from it, and ask questions or seek clarifications … all that would indicate to us something about you.

We will figure if you are sharp enough to focus your mind on the content right in front of you; whether or not you are the type who is open-minded, and given to action (rather than mere talk or hollow, diplomatic, polite excuses); whether or not you are really committed to making individual contributions to a worthy Big-Picture cause; and what really motivates your decisions and actions. 

Right now, you may be wondering a lot about us, our identity, the nitty-gritty of the  project. We are waiting to see if you would take the next logical, risk-free step – which is to contact us, know us, test us as well as our project idea out, by asking for our presentation. 

If you decide to give us a pass, however, we would assume you must be either extremely busy or perhaps you are just poor at re-prioritizing; or, you may even be one who has not made a sincere attempt to grasp the scale of opportunity that our project offers you to enrich yourself in many ways; or, you may be a talker, doubter/skeptic, escapist, or commitment-phobe.

Now, are you a bit annoyed and offended by what we just said? Do you think we are rude and impertinent? Sir/Madam, we don’t mean to offend you; rather, our attempt here is to provoke you into focusing your mind on the many project details that are already there in this appeal, and see that we have already answered all of your initial questions.

If you are able to find the answers, it would show you are not only sharp but broadminded, open to possibilities, and possibly a doer. Stated differently, you are a wholehearted supporter of meaningful initiatives – or, you at least encourage campaigners, reformers, disrupters and game-changers. You are our potential co-founder!

We are looking for good people who can agree that to make the project a grand success, and to truly succeed in life as well, these are the necessary ingredients:

Must-have traits and abilities:

  • Conscientious: Courage and conviction to do the right thing, no matter what

  • Entrepreneurial instinct (enterprise)

  • Activist mindset – fire in the belly (not just hot air but guts and sincerity to walk the talk, take the plunge – by overcoming evasiveness, indecisiveness, imagined fears/risks, laziness, indifference, egotism, mechanical routines, zombie-worthy busy-ness)

  • Zeal to be an active (not passive, docile) citizen | Passion to transcend middle-class mediocrity so as to think and do BIG things

  • Ability to read both that is written and implied (what’s “between the lines”), and foresee future by connecting the obvious dots in the present

  • Dispassionate – centeredness or equanimity

  • Ability to reconcile selfishness with selflessness

  • Willingness to better manage time and recast existing priorities so as to focus adequately on the startup project work

  • Cooperative and collaborative approach (win-win spirit)

  • Good communication skills | Above all, discipline

Nice-to-have traits and abilities:

  • Faith in the principle that ‘nothing is impossible’

  • Faith in the belief that diligent, sustained, consistent and sincere efforts against all odds will produce the right results

  • Sharp mind | Intellectual edge

  • Global outlook | General knowledge | Awareness of current affairs |Overview of the world (Big Picture perspective)

  • Conviction to take a firm stance/stand on serious issues | Ability to articulate

  • Smarts to overcome potential hurdles and risks in project execution | Patient and perseverant

  • Proactive approach | Sense of initiative 

  • Tech-savvy | Willingness to learn new skills quickly

  • Team spirit | Flexibility to play any roles / accept any responsibilities that are assigned for the success of the startup

  • Ability to assess correctly perceived risks/fears by subjecting them to the test of reality

  • Willingness to make verifiable, measurable contributions beyond empty promises. BACK TO THE TOP.

If you’re unable to help, that’s okay too. We can understand if you: are super-busy to even read this document in full; are not interested at all; think it’s going to be futile; or are unable to understand and hence have no faith in our venture. We wish you the very best in your endeavors.

Ready for a presentation? Email us: | We will schedule a video call on ZOOM app or Skype once we receive your email. If you are unable to help, or are not interested, that’s okay too. We wish you the very best in your endeavors. Good luck!

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