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All our events (video conferences) are held online, on apps such as
Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, WeChat.

2022: NRI-Natter is an enabling website for our periodical video calls, which provide a global online platform for incisive conversations between Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) and compatriots. This is where NRIs, RIs, PIOs and OCIs converse, clash, cooperate and collaborate. All you need to do now is log in, switch on your webcam and mic, talk the walk and then, walk the talk.

coming up ...
Potentially game-changing LIVE on-video discussions on Saturdays
and Sundays (weekends), at mutually convenient times. Explosive topics, dissected threadbare, in no-holds-barred natter. Click here for details. And: Register to participate. In truly transparent, free, democratic and innovative process, you, the participant, decides the topic. And we will line up the platform, organize everything, and bring sharp minds together here. Yes, it is REVOLUTIONARY! 

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We will natter about some of the most explosive, controversial, mind-expanding and potentially nation- and life-transforming issues in coming weeks. Religion, politics, democracy, freedom and liberty, role of NRIs in post-COVID digital India, middle-class males versus middle-class females, caste and community among millenials, education and enlightenment, entrepreneurialism, business and society, role of India and Indians in the region and as world co-leader. Click here for details.

Our objectives:

  1. We wish to encourage NRIs to use the discussion forum to interact with fellow NRIs, PIOs (persons of Indian origin living outside India – the Indian Diaspora) and Resident Indians (RIs – compatriots living in India) and generate valuable, actionable ideas for solving the world’s persistent or most pressing problems.

  2. We wish to envision ways and means of sharing the values of a great civilization and culture with the people of this planet.

  3. We will endeavor to raise the level of discourse among NRIs, the Indian Diaspora as well as RIs so that we could all become better informed, more conscious, more connected. First, we will talk the walk. Then, we’ll figure how to walk the talk.



Why is NRI-Natter important? What are the benefits for members? What differentiates NRI-Natter? Is NRI-Natter free or a paid-for platform?

Click/tap here for answers to these and many other FAQs. Click/tap here to download the evolving set of FAQs and answers.

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