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Please remember these abbreviations:
MIP = Middle-class Indian People
MIC = Middle-class Indian Citizen

Enough of fooling around for 70+ years now. Enough of 'outsourcing' by MANY citizens of 'BIG' responsibilities (like governance) to a FEW wily neta-log, jokers, goons, thugs, criminals. Enough of rat race. If we Indians really care for India, and our collective future, we urgently need to switch to the marathon of real nation-building by ourselves. Wake up to the reality of the 21st-century globalized world! Time's running out!!

July 2020: Welcome, dear Middle-class Indian Citizen (MIC). This website/mobile app endeavors to encourage Middle-class Indian People (MIP) to embrace a radically different and productive approach to 'Citizenship 2.0' (not to be confused with the CAB of Dec 2019). The BIG idea is to harmonize the twin goals of becoming wealthy, enlightened, responsible, patriotic and spiritual without any inner conflict of conscience AND building a New India.

Just half-hour (fraction of what you might spend on cricket, TV, news channels, social media, or movies) here could potentially transform your life -- and India's future. So, please donate a bit of your time and attention. We believe we all can build a New India together. Have Faith!

India’s the ‘world’s largest democrazy’, and we the citizens are to blame. And we can fix it too.

Okay, so after Goa, Manipur, Karnataka … Maharashtra is the latest episode to make a mockery of “the world’s largest democracy”. And we, the majority Middle-Class Indian People (MIP), have gone predictably ballistic, expressing bombastic outrage. But wait a second. Please realize it’s we the MIP (and not the system, the elite, or the Establishment) who are to blame for the joke, even an uncivilized society, that India is tending to become today!


Trapped in a ‘system’
we never chose?


It’s highly like that many of us MIP never tried to understand the “socio-politico-economic system” which we were born into – something we have blindly or unthinkingly accepted, now continue to be part of, and frequently criticise (because it frustrates, upsets, annoys, disappoints, embarrasses, underserves or disempowers us).

Should we reboot or format?

Most of us the MIP, the majority among the citizens, never thought of proactively contributing to the reset, reboot or revamp of the system? Don’t you think the “system” actually needs a “format”, not just a reboot, with a new operating system (OS) in place? 


We’ve vote, rights, yes – but,
are we really powerful?

Ever wondered how we the MIP have been pushed by the corrupt system into a limiting, narrow, largely inconsequential role in society, while we were cleverly manipulated and conned into believing we are powerful because we have vote, fundamental rights, etc?

Time to reimagine community
– and our role in society


Don’t you think we, the majority MIP, need to reimagine community, society and life in human form itself? Do you have fresh, practical ideas on how we humankind should reorganize ourselves into saner communities, by reviewing the history of the last 200 years?


Secret: massive positive change
isn’t impossible but easy

Do you know we can truly bring about massive positive change in society and transform our own lives for the better, besides securing a safe future for our children, by simply reimagining our role as individual citizens, and by playing a qualitatively significant part as community members? All it takes is a positive attitude, a cooperative mindset and community spirit.


Ready to take back control, switch
from rat race to nation-building?

Are you ready to grow and evolve into a wealthy, enlightened, conscious and public-spirited citizen? Are you ready to take back control of India and guide our Motherland to greatness and global leadership? Are you ready to switch from the disaster-bound selfish rat race to the soul-elevating, self-enriching marathon of building a New India? 


How to make your Natter-chatter matter

The transformative journey can start right here, by committing to a process that begins with Natter and goes all the way toward spectacular change in our own lifetime. If you are ready, click here to get started with an introductory slideshow. If you don’t care, click here to return to your comfort zone.

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