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About Us


At the outset, allow us to first emphasize who we are not. We are decidedly non-elitist – that is, we are NOT "VIPs", celebrities, “prominent” figures, luminaries, "the rich and the famous", icons, influencers and such types.


We are a not-for-profit, informal online community of middle-class Indians. Jai Hind! We are NRIs, PIOs and RIs (resident Indians) based in different geographies. We are professionals, employees, students, home-makers, retirees. We see ourselves as ordinary, conscientious, civic-conscious, right-thinking citizens not just of India but of the world. We definitely would like to be thought-leaders. We see ourselves as global citizens with an activist mindset -- and fire in the belly, if you will. Click/tap here to read more about the rationale behind "NRI-Natter".


In terms of our professional background, we are from a wide range of industries, sectors and vocations: epigenetics, marine bioengineering, academia, IT, HR, numerology, news media, communications, astrophysics, material sciences, management, private equity, services, hospitality, fintech, VFX, commercial banking, investment banking, yoga/wellness, MBA program, MSW (social work), sports, nursing, Ayurveda, AI, machine learning, biotech, new energy, augmented reality, internet of things, big data, robotics, autonomous (driverless) transport, and so on. And our tribe is growing by the day, becoming even more diverse, vibrant, exciting, restless, as you read this.

You could call us a faceless group insofar as being "well-known" is concerned; but, rest assured, we are not a mystery bunch. We are merely non-elitist, but public-spirited, action-oriented and maverick. 

Join NRI-
Natter, submit your completed registration form, participate in our live online video discussions, and the perceived mystery will be dispelled ... you'll get to 'see' us in flesh and blood, and, perhaps, you will probably 'know' us too, in terms of who we are, what we believe in, and what we are trying to accomplish through NRI-Natter.

(And very soon, we shall upload member-profiles or brief introductions on this website, once we progress through the current nascent phase and coalesce into a solid, goal-oriented, determined group.)


Just to be sure, our emphasis is on issues, not individuals/faces. Our accent is on substance, not style alone. We underline content, not category (like age, gender, caste, community, region, religion, socio-economic layer, etc).


We are service-minded, and have received formal education (we are not illiterates). We would like to connect with like-minded NRIs, RIs, PIOs and OCIs and explore potential ways of contributing something meaningful, creative and substantial toward making the world a better place, rather than be armchair critics. Click/tap here for a glimpse of the profile of a typical NRI-Natter member.

Topics discussed on NRI-Natter are not only timely but strategic, and relevant to the audience (talented Indian non-elitist middle-class/salaried-class people with positive energy, activist instinct, entrepreneurial inclinations, global mindset and fire in the belly). 

Typically, a discussion will focus on an Indian situation, scenario or issue that needs to be revisited afresh for a global perspective. The larger goal is to gain new insights and share them with the community, thereby building public opinion; and then, explore or develop, through collective efforts, sensible solutions in the form of feasible ventures that can produce relevant products, services or content/knowledge. Click/tap here for a sneak preview of the topics that will be discussed shortly.

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