These are the most-read (most-visited) pages and most-consumed content on this website.

LANDING PAGE: The first page that visitors download on logging in to our website

HOME PAGE: This is the main entrance, or the portal, to the rest of the content on the website. Contain an introduction to what the website and we are all about.


INDIA ON CLIFF EDGE: A multi-media containing video, slide-shows, relevant ads, essay.

MAHA-MESS: A fine example of NRI-Natter's exclusive, cutting-edge, data-rich political analysis that is a virtual expose on the farcical Indian democracy, allegedly the world's largest.

QUICK ENROLL: Get involved, join us in our mission in a jiffy, by filling in a simple online registration form.

JOIN US: Most visitors reach this page as soon as they figure that this is the destination and the mission they have been waiting for, for a very long time.


VISION INDIA 2.0: This page contains a fascination slide-show on NRI-Natter's vision for a New India, encapsulating why that vision is important, and how it can be turned into reality.


THE BIG IDEA: It's a small page summarizing our blueprint for a massive game-changer for India.


FAVORITES: You are on this page currently.


CALL TO ACTION: Clear message for you, our prospective patron, specifying what we expect you to do, and why.


VIDEOS: This is where you will find YouTube consoles for all our short videos.


CHANGE AGENTS: On this page, you will find a four-slide deck on how Messed-up India can be transformed into New India by committed middle class, the majority in the nation.


FAQs: All-time favorite, because loads of info, downloadable documents, etc, are packed into this single page, clarifying every conceivable doubt and answering every possible query.


IN A NUTSHELL: Our entire mission, vision, philosophy, theory, practice ... encapsulated in a few short paragraphs. Two-minute read.


STARTUP APPEAL: At the end of the day, our project is all about launching a unique, unprecedented cooperative startup on a global scale where investors, management, staff, beneficiaries, regulators are all one and the same community -- the world's ordinary people, or the non-elites, or the majority middle class. Read all about it on this page.


ABOUT US: Who we are, what we do, and why. Details like that.


CONTACT US: Info on how to get in touch with us.