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These are the most-read (most-visited) pages and most-consumed content on this website.

LANDING PAGE (MAIN HOME/HOME): The first page that visitors download on logging in to our website

ENTRANCE: This is the main entrance, or the portal, to the rest of the content on the website. Contains an introduction to what the website and we are all about.

2022-23 FORECAST: More than crystal ball gazing. Some seriously amazing insights.

ORIGIN: Overview of NRI-Natter's  vision and mission, by way of simple graphics.

AWAKEN, INDIANS: A plea to middle-class Indians (ordinary citizens) to shake off their apathy.

GAME-CHANGERS: The old "game" has become outdated. New game is about to begin.

DHARMA - GET RICH: Demystifying "wealth creation" and "just rewards" for ordinary people.

CHANGEMAKERS: Tips on how to evolve from passivity and apathy to active, positive life of purpose.

SOUL-SEARCHERS: Help is at hand to enable you to "know thyself" in simple, doable ways.

MIDDLE-CLASS MORONS: A scathing, blistering look at the majority's wilful abdication of community duties.

MIDDLE-CLASS MALADIES: An insightful analysis of the brain chemistry of the salaried class / professionals.

MIDDLE-CLASS DEMYSTIFIED: The psychology and socioeconomic calculations of the literate zombies.


INDIA ON CLIFF EDGE: A multi-media containing video, slide-shows, relevant ads, essay.

MAHA-MESS: A fine example of NRI-Natter's exclusive, cutting-edge, data-rich political analysis that is a virtual expose on the farcical Indian democracy, allegedly the world's largest.

QUICK ENROLL: Get involved, join us in our mission in a jiffy, by filling in a simple online registration form.

JOIN US: Most visitors reach this page as soon as they figure that this is the destination and the mission they have been waiting for, for a very long time.


VISION INDIA 2.0: This page contains a fascination slide-show on NRI-Natter's vision for a New India, encapsulating why that vision is important, and how it can be turned into reality.


THE BIG IDEA: It's a small page summarizing our blueprint for a massive game-changer for India.


FAVORITES: You are on this page currently.


CALL TO ACTION: Clear message for you, our prospective patron, specifying what we expect you to do, and why.


VIDEOS: This is where you will find YouTube consoles for all our short videos.


CHANGE AGENTS: On this page, you will find a four-slide deck on how Messed-up India can be transformed into New India by committed middle class, the majority in the nation.


FAQs: All-time favorite, because loads of info, downloadable documents, etc, are packed into this single page, clarifying every conceivable doubt and answering every possible query.


IN A NUTSHELL: Our entire mission, vision, philosophy, theory, practice ... encapsulated in a few short paragraphs. Two-minute read.


STARTUP APPEAL: At the end of the day, our project is all about launching a unique, unprecedented cooperative startup on a global scale where investors, management, staff, beneficiaries, regulators are all one and the same community -- the world's ordinary people, or the non-elites, or the majority middle class. Read all about it on this page.


ABOUT US: Who we are, what we do, and why. Details like that.


CONTACT US: Info on how to get in touch with us.

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