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The moral story of the lamb and the butcher

Do or die? Or, die rather than do anything?

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India's future is in your own hands now

A fervent call to the majority non-elites (Bharat’s middle- and lower-income groups)

(Script of the video above.)

If you are a Middle-Class Indian, you must watch this two-and-a-half-hour-long video.

Naah, we are just kidding. Take it easy. Won’t take that long, promise!

This is just a short video, not some inane Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood, Malluwood, Bhojwood, or Bongwood feature film.

Nor is this predictable, hackneyed content like a live broadcast of T-20 cricket match (that may have been spot-fixed).

This video may be injurious to your conscience. It may hurt your feelings and pride. It may puncture your smug sense of achievement. It may induce guilt and pain.


This video is definitely NOT for the faint-hearted, the hypocritical, the selfish and the indifferent. So, viewer discretion is strongly advised.


You are free to watch this video as many times as you wish.


Second time onward, however, you may want to "pause" the video on every slide to fully understand the meaning, and read between the lines.

Dear Middle-Class Indian:

If you are REALLY keen on:

- improving the quality of your life

- actualizing your full potential,

- boosting your true wealth,

- attaining fulfilment,

- co-creating a developed, safe, secure, progressive and harmonious society, AND

- ensuring a bright, pandemic-free future for your children, nation, the world and the planet  . . .

. . . then, you must watch this SHORT video with utmost attention.

Your concentration is required because some things we are going to say now may appear contradictory initially; but, if you focus on them alone excessively, you will likely miss the more important points that can truly transform not only your life but the society at large.

Click on the slide-show for full-screen mode. To navigate, use on-screen play/pause button.

Ponder these THREE important points:

1. The “system” you have been born into and trapped in for decades now is not something you have chosen consciously.

2. The “system” has, well, systematically disempowered, marginalized and zombified you, and it will continue to wreak havoc on you if it is left unchecked, unchallenged and unchanged.

3. The “system” is well past its “expiry” date – that is, it has outlived its utility, and is ripe for not just overhaul but comprehensive and peaceful transformation. Allowing the system to continue will lead to unimaginable disaster.

And yet, you, the Middle-Class Indian, have received a lot so far, in terms of material benefits, perhaps more than you deserve for your efforts, from the same system.

But your benefits have come at an enormous price.


You have been conned into making huge trade-offs unconsciously.

#Trade-off 1You probably don’t realize this, you’ll probably even get angry on hearing this; but, TRUTH to tell, to receive your perceived “benefits”, you have been made greedy, fearful, intellectually lazy and mediocre.

t’s a system that rewards you for becoming and staying mediocre, selfish, insecure, egotistical, powerless, ignorant and irresponsible.

It’s a system that makes YOU addicted to “cheap thrills” like comforts, pleasures, indulgences and sense-gratifications that have no real meaning or long-term purpose but entail untold long-term consequences.

#Trade-off 2: By encouraging you to be mediocre, selfish, et cetera, the system has ensured the society or the country remains largely undeveloped or under-developed, even uncivilized, regressive, crass, while the majority middle-class Indians remain trapped in the “rat race” at an individual level, but wrongly imagine they are getting ahead.

On the other hand, the “creamy” layer of the society gets creamier, super-wealthy, unimaginably rich.

#Trade-off 3: By cleverly co-opting the middle-class into it, the larger “system” operated by the elite has legitimized and institutionalized the exploitation of the poor and the downtrodden.

So much so that today, the middle class have learned to make peace with their inner guilt for participating in and perpetuating an unjust system.

It is a system that creates and widens socio-economic inequalities and inflicts untold suffering on hundreds of millions of hapless lower-income and poor people, ravages the environment, and mesmerizes the majority middle class to remain ignorant about the system itself and those who operate it.

The middle class accept this unpleasant reality as a “fact of life”, and delude themselves that they are NOT responsible.

They simply blame “the authorities” and the institutions for the mess.

They blame the system, as if they are not part of it.

#Trade-off 4: The crass consumerism created and perpetuated by the system, which is now global, has led to reckless plunder and pillage of natural resources in an unsustainable way, threatening the very survival and future of the planet, and our children, the future generations.

#Trade-off 5: Mind you, all this has already exacted a heavy toll on the majority middle class.

Deep within, at the core of their being, at their innermost level, most of the hundreds of millions of middle-class Indians feel stressed, frustrated, unfulfilled, clueless, powerless, guilty, and uneasy.

The emotional, psychological and spiritual health of middle-class Indians has been compromised by this long disconnect between body, mind and spirit.

Let’s now quickly digest an overview of the world we have created for ourselves wittingly or unwittingly over the last few decades:

  1. Under-development, tardy growth

  2. Diseases, disorders, pandemics, virus outbreaks

  3. Frequent disasters, ordinary relief

  4. Gender crimes, farmer suicides

  5. Air, water and land pollution

  6. Widening inequalities, polarized society

  7. Polity subverted by money, muscle-power

  8. Unholy, opportunistic political alliances

  9. Corrupt, inefficient institutions

  10. Intolerant communities, authoritarian regimes

  11. Financial non-inclusion, haphazard digitalization

  12. Rising unemployment amid automation

  13. Inflation, erratic civil supplies

  14. Antiquated laws, arcane Constitution

  15. Dynasties, clans, royals, feudal lords

  16. Profligate manufacturing, inessential services

  17. Unethical businesses, irresponsible companies, glamor-obsessed startups

  18. Inhuman experiments, cruel slaughterhouses

  19. Genetically-modified food and life-forms

  20. Unaffordable housing, subhuman transport

  21. Chemical-saturated foods, vulnerable bodies

  22. Suboptimal health, commercialized wellness

  23. Excessive diagnostics, expensive healthcare

  24. No cures, only R&D, symptom-reliefs

  25. Addictive content, compromised media

  26. Stressful work, unfulfilled workers

  27. Intensified curriculum, devitalized education

  28. Hyper technologies, diminished users

  29. Choices galore, powerless consumers

  30. Scandals, frauds, con artists, cheats


We are sure you will agree that it’s an unimaginably long list of shameful state of affairs.


Surely, this is not what we had bargained for, or set out to do, when we attained independence 73 years back, in 1947?


Something has gone terribly wrong! We can’t go on like this anymore, can we?


So, if you, dear Middle-Class Indian, are REALLY keen on:

- improving the quality of your life,

- actualizing your full potential,

- boosting your true wealth,

- attaining fulfilment,

- co-creating a developed, safe, secure, progressive and harmonious society, AND

- ensuring a bright, pandemic-free future for your children, nation, the world and the planet . . . 

Then, the first thing you need to do is start accepting that the current “system” has become almost evil, and is well past its expiry date, and needs a peaceful, urgent transformation.

Reconcile to the fact that you have already benefited a lot, and now is the time to also give, even as you stand to receive even more, but in a different, sustainable way, beyond your wildest dreams, which you will be pleased to share eventually.

Make peace with the fact that you need to play a fundamentally different role in society.

Our value system, our aspirations, our outlook, our likes and preferences, our lifestyle patterns, our approach to life and living – everything needs to change, URGENTLY, if we and our children are to have a safe and secure future.

And to do that, we need to reimagine society itself, and help CO-CREATE the society of our dreams.

We must stop outsourcing or delegating the tasks of community, society and governance to the usual suspects.

If we are to have a society that is consistent with the current reality, the 21st-century needs, we must first stop insanely expecting a flawed, failed system to produce the results we crave somehow.

It’s NOT the political class, the politicians, the governments or other institutions like religion or bureaucracy that can bring about massive, transformative change.

It IS the majority middle class that can do it.

You CAN DO it.

How to do it?


Just think, reflect, and introspect on what we just told you.

Commit to change, massive CHANGE.

By cooperating and collaborating, YOU can change everything.

WE CAN change everything, TOGETHER, provided we cast aside our ego, indifference, ignorance, laziness, and prejudice against fellow middle-class Indians, especially with regard to gender, age, region, caste, profession, educational qualifications, language, etc.

May we ask you one question?


We entrust big-picture responsibilities to the elite and the con artists unquestioningly, but when was the last time you truly cooperated with peers who display a sense of initiative for the larger community?

May we ask you just one more question?


Middle-class Indians love to criticize, argue, debate, but when was the last time you participated in, or proactively, wholeheartedly supported, any effective action for the larger good?

It’s a finite planet of finite resources. Time may be infinite, but life is short.  Make your life count.


If you can’t wait anymore to know how a short life can unspool infinite goodness and infinite riches, join us.

We will be happy to share more details, particularly on the perils of the top-down, FEW-versus-MANY approach,

about the merits of MANY-for-MANY way of life, and about the symbiotic, mutually beneficial, or win-win, relationship that must exist between the PART and the WHOLE.

Log in to

Discover how middle-class Indians are cooperating and collaborating to take back control, to secure and shape India’s future, and to set a glorious example for the rest of the world, perhaps even to co-lead it one day in the near future.


Okay, let's summarize our message:

- The current "system" is well past its "use-by" or expiry date and needs to be urgently replaced to meet today's needs.

- Change won't come automatically. Nor will it be brought about by those invested in the status quo, the current system.

- To save our ass, we ordinary people need to cooperate, collaborate among ourselves, and start playing a fundamentally different role individually in society, to bring about transformative change peacefully.

- And this break with the status quo is not an option or a choice but essential and doable, if we are all to avoid being pushed over the cliff edge. Make no mistake, a perfect storm is building, and the time to act is now.

- Once the perfect storm engulfs us all, even if we act later, it will likely prove too little too late.



The current situation could well be heralding a perfect storm, but it also embeds a tremendous opportunity – a "last and final call", if you will – for the majority middle class to:

- come of age;

- evolve to the next higher level;

- add value to themselves;

- shoulder larger responsibilities;

- actualize their full potential;

- become wealth-creators and wealth-distributors;

- and sublimate their material-realm desires into their spiritual core.

Let's do it.

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