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importance of nri-natter and benefits for members

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FAQ: Why is NRI-Natter important? Is it required? Is NRI-Natter any different or unique?

We are now living in a globalized, inter-connected, inter-dependent world of many countries, civilizations and cultures.

The size of Indian middle class (several hundreds of millions) is arguably larger than the population  of many small countries. There is a great, but under-tapped or unchanneled, vital force in India’s middle class.

The time has come to unleash all that creative energy.

For, the society’s needs and desires are always increasing. So are all related problems  And governments, NGOs, corporations/companies, certain organizations, agencies, charities ... all put together are inadequate to meet today’s needs of the society, much less solve all related problems.

Ordinary people or citizenry need to play a new, larger, direct role now, to complement the efforts of existing institutions, if the ever-increasing problems need to be not only solved but stopped from causing permanent or terminal damage to individuals, families, societies and the planet as a whole.

Click/tap here to read about what the Indian middle class needs to do to evolve into "responsible" citizens of the world.

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