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1. The COVID pandemic continues to expose INDIA!

And Indians remain at a crossroads!!


A clarion call, not news analysis or commentary

August 2020: The content on this website is not some news commentary, analysis or a long-form article, to be read and forgotten.

It is a clarion call to Middle-Class Indian People (MIP); it is an invitation to join our initiative that will help you, step-by-step, to take back control of your own life, your future, and that of the unravelling Indian society -- of which you are a part, and whose safety, security and stability must concern you as a stakeholder.

The content on these pages might provoke thought, but this website is not meant to be a mere “thought-provoking piece” or a “good one”. The content here is designed to stimulate your intellect, not emotion. (Intellect is beyond mind, emotion, intelligence, by the way.)

And the awakened intellect is expected to discern how flawed, unscientific, primitive, corrupted and outdated Indian democracy has been and is. You, the Middle-Class Indian Citizen (MIC), being part of the majority, need to re-imagine your role in the larger society, and help re-cast the society itself in a new, more sensible, modern mould fit for today's realities. You, the MIC, is expected to wrest back control from the political class, the science-technology-business community, mass media and the entertainment industry over the process through which the society evolves in a certain direction. From now on, you must have a say in how India evolves, which direction the nation takes.


The site reveals lots of secrets via things said, unsaid and implied, so you need to browse several pages patiently to read between the lines, thereby breaking the induced bad habit of short attention span, in the process developing inner sharpness to discern the subtle beyond the gross, that which is under the surface, something you need to grasp to ‘get it’. 

We would encourage you to stay focused. Don’t expect short-cuts, spoon-feeding; don’t expect to be served with everything on a platter in a jiffy. If you are serious about transforming your own life and the society for the better, you got to be interested in solutions as well, not just in understanding or criticising the problems. 

It will take intellect and patience (and commitment to transformative change) to reach the page where you can fill in the online form to join our initiative (which, by the way, took shape after a lot of thought, effort and design). If you are able to submit the completed online registration form, it’d say a lot about you – that you are patient, smart, committed to your own future, and serious about playing an instrumental role in bringing about massive change at the ‘Big Picture’ level.

Don’t let the site’s simple functionality, basic looks, etc, prejudice or deceive your mind. Remember, beyond mind lies intellect, and the content here will make sure your intellect will get stimulated, provided you are patient and smart.

You will discern this site recommends fundamental changes and suggests clear ways of bringing them about. The website sensitises you to the dangers and threats that await the unravelling Indian society if the MIP don’t embrace radical change urgently. 

The content here prises secrets out of popular discourse, to guide you to what most MIP desire: wealth, success, fulfilment, happiness and peace of mind on the personal front, and safety, security, stability, and prosperity on the societal front.

Good luck. 

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