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what might hurt the indian middle class

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It is, therefore, dangerous, harmful and counterproductive for the Indian middle class to do any, some or all of the following things any more:

- simply talk, talk, talk, and not walk the talk;

- habitually criticise or blame governments, politicians, authorities, officials, businesses, others for society’s problems;

- be disinterested, indifferent, ignorant, irresponsible or silent about the larger issues that not only threaten their own very survival and future but that of the planet itself;

- cite excuses like “I’m shy”, “I’m busy”, “I’m introverted”, “I’m reserved”, “I’m a family type of person”, “I’m not outgoing”, “I’m a small person with no power, so can’t/won’t attempt big things”, “I’m ignorant”, “I’m wise, I know my own limitations, so I won’t be idealistic, I won’t chase Utopian dreams”, “I’m lazy”, “I’m not an intellectual”, “I’m not an orator / thinker / philosopher”, “I’m risk-averse”, or, worse, “I can’t be bothered. I care a damn. I care two hoots”.

It is necessary that most of the middle-class Indians, spanning the Boomers (those born in the 1950-65 period), the Generation X (1965-1985), the Millennials (Gen Y; 1986-2000), and the Gen Z (2000 onward), should evolve quickly and develop a global mindset.


It is essential that they must learn new skills (like public speaking, effective communication and ability to use technology creatively, productively, to name just a few), rather than living steady, cautious, predictable, cocooned or detached, even unconscious, almost zombie-like lives in their respective domains, vocations or professions.


It would be a real shame if they die without actualizing their full potential, without realizing their dreams, just like their grandparents and ancestors may have done.

Click/tap here to read about how NRI-Natter could provide a platform for cohesive and coordinate effort

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