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what makes a 'responsible' citizen these days?

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It’s not enough for the Indian middle class people to simply focus on their own job or profession or vocation in a very narrow, family-centric way, without paying adequate attention to larger issues, without playing a bigger, direct role in the society.

Casting a vote once in five years, paying taxes regularly, abiding by the law, doing one’s job conscientiously, living a peaceful, crime-free life … all that is good but does not make one a responsible citizen.

For, the world has changed. Today’s context is different.

In this day and age, a responsible citizen needs to do much more than just cast a vote once in five years, pay taxes regularly, be law-abiding, do one’s job conscientiously, live a peaceful, crime-free life.

A responsible citizen is one who understands today’s situation, the larger issues involved, is serious about his/her own (and that of his family’s and society’s) safety and security, and is willing to play a more proactive, bigger and direct role in the larger scheme of things, to ensure or achieve the safety and security that he/she craves and deserves.

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