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nri-natter -- platform for cohesive, coordinated effort



To reiterate -- educated, conscientious, right-thinking global Indians, who are large in number but are not part of the elite or the creamy layer, have immense value to contribute to the fast-changing but rapidly degrading world. But because of a lack of platform, there is no coherent, cohesive, coordinated effort.

NRI-Natter aspires to evolve into such a platform, and inspire others to launch many other similar platforms.

Besides securing the future for themselves, their families, communities and the planet itself, the Indian middle class also needs to re-envision their role in the global society. If they don’t exploit the opportunities available to them now, they will continue to remain relatively mediocre in the global context.


They will cease to remain relevant to today’s world. NRI-Natter is a first, small step in a potential 1,000-mile journey to reach the destination of evolving into global Indians with a global mindset.

This is important because, well, we are living in a globalized world. It’s important to harness synergies because of the competitive nature of the world now. The middle-class Indians the world over need to coalesce into one connected community, not in a divisive or isolationist or exclusivist sense, but in an inclusive sense.


Such an approach will help us to make the most of a shared civilization, culture and values. That will help us to come together, act together,  survive, thrive and evolve together, and then offer civilization-enriched leadership to the world.

Click/tap here to read about what might happen if we don't participate in initiatives like NRI-Natter

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