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what might happen if we don't support good initiatives?

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If we don’t participate in initiatives such as NRI-Natter, a lot of time will likely get wasted in unproductive or habitual, addictive and ultimately inconsequential activities. Given the rate at which things are degenerating and threatening the planet’s sustainability itself, it would be criminal to squander away a precious, finite resource like time, a luxury that the middle class can ill afford.

It is easy to live like unconscious or unconcerned citizens, without being fully informed and knowledgeable. We can always cite excuses like hectic lifestyles, family commitments, minor health issues, social engagements, etc.


Meanwhile, addictive gadgets and content in various forms will numb our (and future generations’) senses, and stop us from interacting with fellow humans in an informative, educative, mutually enriching ways.


It is important to have meaningful personal interactions in order to be a thinking, conscious, "responsible" citizen.


NRI-Natter enables such personal interactions with like-minded people, first in the digital space and later potentially in person.

This is what makes NRI-Natter very important. And we believe, and hope you’ll agree, this makes NRI-Natter not only different but unique as well.

Do you agree?

Many thanks! We value your feedback and views. 

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Please join us. Get involved. Let’s back each other. Let’s support and strengthen ourselves.

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