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A bunch of observant, determined, insight-propelled, like-minded Indians in different geographies are actively engaged in this informal online forum (or, a virtual network, if you will). There is no entry fee -- it's FREE.


Please join us. Get involved. Our sense is, you’ll simply love participating in it.

We Indians love to discuss, debate, argue and express ourselves, don’t we?


Now, we are trying to figure if we could actually go one step further -- toward a frontier where few middle-class / salaried-class / professional Indians have gone before.

The informal online forum provides educated, conscientious, right-thinking global Indians such as yourself and your friends a friendly platform to network, deliberate and figure if we could all actually act on our ideas (which may spring up in our arguments and discussions on this forum).

We call this platform “
NRI-Natter” merely to underline its informal nature (informal here should not mean casual or trivial chit-chat, mind you), so like-minded people could get started first, and then gradually graduate to doing bigger, better things. In a broad sense, visualize this flow-chart: Natter > Discussion > Debate > Talk > Walk the talk.


Rest assured, “NRI-Natter” will involve non-resident Indians, the Indian diaspora as well as Indians residing in India. Besides working professionals, executives, entrepreneurs and businesspeople, we will involve people spanning generations, including youngsters (bright university scholars, college students), homemakers, and senior Indians, to ensure the forum generates multiple, diverse perspectives.

What encourages us to think positive about the prospects for “NRI-Natter” is easy connectivity via broadband internet, availability of various conference apps and, of course, Indians’ penchant for a good, sharp chat.

Please join the weekly live conversations (video calls), which, as of now, are scheduled for Saturday afternoons. If you prefer any other time-slot, do indicate your preference.

We discuss raging topics as well as long-ignored or little-debated issues that deserve attention. You can suggest topics that you want to be debated by the forum.

Topics discussed on NRI-Natter are not only timely but strategic, and relevant to the audience (talented Indian non-elitist middle-class/salaried-class people with positive energy, activist instinct, entrepreneurial inclinations, global mindset and fire in the belly).


Typically, a discussion will focus on an Indian situation, scenario or issue that needs to be revisited afresh for a global perspective. The larger goal is to gain new insights and share them with the community, thereby building public opinion; and then, explore or develop, through collective efforts, sensible solutions in the form of feasible ventures that can produce relevant products, services or content/knowledge.

All you need to do is this: register online, and come prepared to the discussions, to articulate your solid view on the topic of the day.

You won’t find hot air-sharing armchair critics on “NRI-Natter” – and you don’t want to be one either. Click/tap here to know the kind of people NRI-Natter is seeking to enlist.

And, yes, please help spread the word. Inform your like-minded Indian friends, colleagues, relatives or acquaintances who you think might be interested in joining the conversation.

Many thanks. Jai Hind!

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