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Dear MIC: Want to know a few SECRETS that will blow your mind away, and open the doors to a completely new way of thinking? Are you ready to envision a game-changing, powerful role for yourself as a, evolved, enlightened, community-conscious citizen in the larger society? Do you want the SECRET key to unlock a bright future for yourself, your family, community, society, nation, the world and the planet? That’s a lot, we know. Rest assured, all the revelations will follow in the next 10 slides

November 2019: Welcome, dear Middle-class Indian Citizen (MIC). Nearly a month after assembly election results, Maharashtra still does not have a government! “World’s largest democracy”, huh? It’d be entirely understandable if the majority Middle-class Indian People (MIP), especially voters in Maharashtra (and before that, voters in Karnataka) now feel cheated, marginalized, befooled, and betrayed.

Yes, reveal the SECRETS please

No, thank you. (I’m not conscientious, courageous enough to face the truth – am gonna get the hell out of here, and back to my fantasy world.)

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