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November 2019: Welcome, dear Middle-class Indian Citizen (MIC). Nearly a month after assembly election results, Maharashtra still does not have a government! “World’s largest democracy”, huh? It’d be entirely understandable if the majority Middle-class Indian People (MIP), especially voters in Maharashtra (and before that, voters in Karnataka) now feel cheated, marginalized, befooled, and betrayed.

Dear MIC: Want to know a few SECRETS that will blow your mind away, and open the doors to a completely new way of thinking? Are you ready to envision a game-changing, powerful role for yourself as a, evolved, enlightened, community-conscious citizen in the larger society? Do you want the SECRET key to unlock a bright future for yourself, your family, community, society, nation, the world and the planet? That’s a lot, we know. Rest assured, all the revelations will follow in the next 10 slides

Yes, reveal the SECRETS please

No, thank you. (I’m not conscientious, courageous enough to face the truth – am gonna get the hell out of here, and back to my fantasy world.)

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